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Payment Services

At Primo Payment Solutions, we pride ourselves on the delivery of first-rate payment services suitable for every need. Whether you’re looking to process a large, one-time payment with the lowest possible fees or you’re interested in a solution to simplify and streamline your recurring payments, we’re here to help!

Our Premium, Technology-Backed Services

Payment Accounts

Central to a great payment experience are great accounts. We’ve designed our accounts with simplicity and ease of use in mind—fund your account from anywhere, access it anytime, and hold currencies in whatever accounts you wish to transact with! With all of your funds close at hand, you can leverage swift, reliable payments without incurring excessive fees, waiting through prolonged processing times or suffering through opaque payment processes. We want payments to be easy, which is why we offer accounts that make it easy to do anything you need them to do!

Payment Orders

Primo Payment Solutions is here to expedite and handle all of your most pressing payment-related challenges! Our payment orders services are ideal for businesses who need to issue regular payments at low-cost, flexible intervals. Whether it’s required to pay suppliers and vendors for services rendered or simply to make a recurring purchase, our services are the perfect choice! With orders that are executed as soon as the next business day and funded through either the funds in your account or your bank, Primo Payment Solutions enables you to pay who you need, when you need to!

Wire Transfers

When it comes to sending money across borders, nothing is preferred to wire transfers in the global economy. Quick, convenient, and internationally regulated and recognised, wire transfers are often used to make large, one-off payments or transfers. At Primo Payment Solutions, we’re proud to make wires more accessible and convenient for our clients by leveraging all of the most sought-after features and functionality. Transparent delivery estimates, low service and transaction fees, simple and intuitive order forms, and so much more all contribute to one of the most quick, accessible, reliable transfer services around! Regardless of whether you’re looking to transfer funds internationally or within your own borders, we’re confident that you’ll be happy you chose Primo Payment Solutions!

Currency Exchange Services

If you’re tired of dealing with exchange fees and foreign transaction fees each time you make an international order or payment, then you’ve come to the right place! At Primo Payment Solutions, we offer first-rate currency exchange services that give you access to leading conversion rates for all of the most desired and traded currencies. With the flexibility to have all of your needed currencies in your account, our services act as a convenient way to top up your desired funds prior to a transaction.

Primo Payment
We Design Payment Services That Work To Your Benefit

Unlike other options in the industry, we believe that it’s our responsibility to make payment services and solutions as simple, straightforward, and cost-effective as can be. That’s the ethos that was present at the outset of Primo Payment Solutions, and continues to take precedence across our operations today! Ultimately, when you work with us, we want you to feel like your needs are expressly taken care of by a service provider that has your best interests at heart, and that isn’t solely after improvements to their bottom line.