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Welcome To Primo Payment Solutions!

We’re a dynamic, technology-backed payment services and solutions provider that enables clients to benefit from swift, seamless, and secure payments all across the world. From eCommerce businesses looking for an all-in-one solution to handle their payments to corporations interested in leveraging a low-cost, efficient payment alternative, Primo Payment Solutions is here to help!

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Payment Accounts

At Primo Payment Solutions, we offer secure, accessible, and flexible payment accounts suitable for a variety of payment needs!

Payment Orders

Execute payments across the globe simply and reliably with Primo Payment Solutions! Secure, low-cost, and quick, we offer it all!

Wire Transfers

Transfer funds both domestically and internationally with low costs, transparent estimates, and intuitive order functionality.

Currency Exchange Services

Exchange the funds in your account for all of the world’s top currencies, including USD, GBP, Yuan, EUR, and more!